Girls Day 2017 at erdfisch


Every year here in Germany we have Girls' Day. This is a day in which girls can see what it is like working in male-dominated industries (there is an equivalent Boys' Day as well).

We at erdfisch have been taking part in Girls' Day since 2015, so this was our third year. We had the privilege of welcoming Anna, Bianca and Franzi into our office in Heidelberg.

Drupal Camp Northern Lights (Part 3)


This has, for reasons we are not quite sure of, ended up being a three-part blog post.

Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.

So, where we left off was at the tomato farm, where it felt like being in a future farm in outer space.

But the tomato farm is not only that. It is a pony (sorry, "Icelandic horse") farm as well!

Drupal Camp Northern Lights (Part 2)


Thanks for sticking around. There will be more than just photos of us goofing around in Iceland, I promise.

For stuff about the actual Drupal Camp, please jump to the end of part three.

So, when we left you in part one, we were exploring the beautiful Golden Circle in Iceland.

We did, indeed, feel like true explorers.

Drupal Camp Northern Lights (Part 1)


tl;dr: Drupal Camp Northern Lights was even better than the actual Northern Lights.

This was the best Drupal event I have ever attended. So, even though it is two months late, it deserves a blog post.

95 very, very lucky people attended.

Instead of a camp t-shirt, the organizers gave us some memories we will always live with.

Drupalcon Dublin: Come to the island and get off the island

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Getting off the island

As a back-end developer, one of the surprising and fun things about this Drupalcon is how much I have learned about front-end and theming in Drupal. This has been my way of "getting off the island" and learning about things a little outside my normal comfort-zone.

Arriving in Dublin

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Arriving in Dublin

Drupalcon Dublin is starting this week. Particularly exciting one for me since
I went to university here about a million years ago (a.k.a. the early nineties).

This was another era entirely, before the internet. I think the arrival of the
internet changed Ireland even more than most other countries. It is mainly
rural, and stuck on the western edge of Europe on the Atlantic. "Surrounded by
water" as the song says. The water comes down from above as well. Very, very

Drupal Business and Community Days 2016 - Our Location


We at erdfisch are very excited to announce that the Drupal Business and Community Days will take place in Heidelberg, Germany from 8-10 April 2016.

This is the first in a series of blog postings explaining what we want to achieve with this event. I'll start with our location.

Before drupalon, is before drupalcon!


So we arrived thursday evening in Amsterdam central, quite some time before offical drupalcon starts. If you are planning your next trip to a drupalcon, you should consider that, too. Why? Because there is so much to see and do! None-involved people might think it is part of our nature as webdevelopers to prefer lonely dark places where we can focus working. Clishé! Around drupalcon all the nerdy developers came out of their basements to let out their supressed nature. Things to know about drupalists: - They like sprinting!

New module: Image widget default image

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As part of a client project we recently had the requirement of displaying an image field's default image in the node add form, before the user had uploaded a picture. This seemed simple enough to implement but thinking about it I realized this was quite a generic feature request and that such a module might prove useful for others. Rather by accident I even noticed that itself employs the same feature on user profile pages.

A composer based workflow for Drupal 8

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Every developer had a fight once with dependency management of big Drupal projects, which use a couple of modules and maybe one theme with base themes etc.
At the same time there are maybe patches to Drupal core itself, modules are developed internally on some GIT server etc.. It's a pain in the ass to get the code from various places and keep it up to date.

In the node.js world, for example, people use a tool called npm
which fetches all the versions from various sources in a simple and reproducable way.