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Drupalcon Dublin: Come to the island and get off the island

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Getting off the island

As a back-end developer, one of the surprising and fun things about this Drupalcon is how much I have learned about front-end and theming in Drupal. This has been my way of "getting off the island" and learning about things a little outside my normal comfort-zone.

The Convention Centre Dublin, the starlight

Arriving in Dublin

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Arriving in Dublin

Drupalcon Dublin is starting this week. Particularly exciting one for me since
I went to university here about a million years ago (a.k.a. the early nineties).

This was another era entirely, before the internet. I think the arrival of the
internet changed Ireland even more than most other countries. It is mainly
rural, and stuck on the western edge of Europe on the Atlantic. "Ireland surrounded by
water" as the song says. The water comes down from above as well. Very, very