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How to write a filter module in Drupal 8

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In this tutorial, I will only explain how to implement the filter. In order to get a nice configuration form for the backed you can follow, for example.

To keep it simple, I will just explain how to write a filter "foobar", that replaces foo with bar.

1. Getting started

Set up a Drupal 8 enviroment, start your favorite PHP editor and create a folder in the drupal 8 modules directory for the filter.

How to install Apache, PHP, MySQL, drush, Drupal on FreeBSD 9

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For sure, there are plenty enviroments on which Drupal can be run. But often it is not clear how to get started. Therefore I will explain a very common way to run drupal on a FreeBSD System. Most of the steps should be almost the same on a Linux system.