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Global Sprint Weekend 2014

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As many other Drupalistas all around the world I spent the last weekend at a Drupal 8 sprint. Conveniently close to the erdfisch office, I joined the sprint that UEBERBIT had organized in their office in Mannheim.

We were only a small group of people - 8 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday - but with a wide variety of skill sets. There were front-end developers writing and reviewing Trig conversions, back-end developers working on the routing or entity system and erdfisch's own Michael Lenahan documenting some of the big changes of Drupal 8 to help contributed module authors. With Daniel Wehner and Florian Weber we had some Drupal celebrity in attendance, as well.

I personally worked on issues in the Entity Field API and the Configuration Translation module. All in all, we had a great time and also got a a lot done, which is proven by the fact that 26 issues were tagged with the D8MA tag that we chose for the sprint including some particularly tricky ones.

I want to thank to UEBERBIT for organizing and sponsoring the sprint and for everyone there who made it so worthwile! I really hope the Global Sprint Weekend becomes a long-lasting Drupal tradition although next year Drupal 8.0 will hopefully have been released. :-)