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Drupalcon Portland - It's all about Drupal 8

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The three conference days are over now, which means its time to draw a conclusion on DrupalCon Portland, which had been the largest DrupalCon so far with around 3,500 attendees. From a developer's point of view, the most prominent topic on the con was Drupal 8 with its code freeze only one month away. The sprints settled around the conference attracted many contributers who filled the code lounges and helped getting the job done by developing, testing or constuctive discussions. Furthermore, the community did a gread job by inviting new contributers to the "party", i.e. by giving a hand on how to make a first commitment, how to handle issues or how to meet the typical Drupal coding standards.

The main initiatives where:
- VDC (Views Drupal Core)
- Multilingual
- Mobile
- Twig
- Scotch
- WSCCI Webservice integration

As a frontend developer I decided to help the twig people, because the current Srupal template engine is somewhat cumbersome.

Twig is a flexible and fast third party template engine wich will perfectly fit into Drupal. I believe that, once implemented, it will make it easier for themers and front-end developers to contribute to and work with Drupal.

There was a blog post about the possibility that twig could be removed from core and Drupal then would keep it‘s old template engine. When I first read this, I was shocked and pretty happy when I read about alexpott‘s soltution for that The idea was to convert all tpl files to twig and get them all in core as one „megapatch“, which is exactly what the twig team and I where working on during entire Drupalcon.

The main issue where everything takes place is the meta issue "convert all core *.tpl.php templates to Twig as singular patch" of the "twig convert core PHPTemplate files and theme function to Twig" issue .

This is pretty exiting, because there where about 40 meta issues, for each template one. We managed to profile about 30 Issues in about 5 days and now we have finaly left 4 Issues to be „alexpotted“, wich means to be ready to go into core. The Mega patch itself has been profiled too and everything is looking like it will be commited to core today!
But there is still a lot of work remaining, so if you are interested in helping on twig, join us at the postsprints at drupalcon, or in freenode irc on #drupal-twig. At the drupal con you can find us in Room 105, we need to left the general room because their are so many people willing to contribute to TWIG!

While I was writing the last lines of this blog post, alexpott disturbed us and told us, TWIG is in core! So it‘s finaly done. There is still a lot of work left, so get in and start contributing!