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Drupal Business and Community Days 2016 - Our Location


We at erdfisch are very excited to announce that the Drupal Business and Community Days will take place in Heidelberg, Germany from 8-10 April 2016.

This is the first in a series of blog postings explaining what we want to achieve with this event. I'll start with our location.

Our location: Heidelberg, Germany

This event is very much a team effort, I'm working on it together with my colleagues at erdfisch. Speaking personally, I'm especially excited to be welcoming members of the Drupal community to my new home town of Heidelberg. I am from England and Ireland originally, and have been here in Heidelberg for almost three years now. I'm very, very proud to live here, and want more people to know what a great place it is. You can take a look at some lovely photos of Heidelberg here.

The location for DrupalBCDays will be the Heidelberg International Youth Hostel.
How did we get the idea of holding a Drupal event at the local youth hostel? Well, before I go on, I should explain that this is no ordinary youth hostel! It was fact the location of the largest ever Debian Conference (DebConf) during the summer. You can watch a nice video about DebConf Heidelberg here, to give you a feel for the location.

DebConf16 in Heidelberg was my chance to "get off the island", to find out what makes another tech community tick. The thing that impressed me most about Debian community is its commitment to freedom. I felt really at home with them, and really welcomed by them. Also very impressive was the way they set up a glass fibre internet connection with the university, so that the youth hostel has a very fast internet connection! This was left in place as a legacy of the Debian Conference. So you can understand how excited we are to have this as our location for the Drupal Business and Community Days 2016!

OK. That's it for now, there are a few more blog postings yet to come.

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Really excited about it, btw …

Really excited about it, btw nice post it feels warm and welcome :)