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Drupal Camp Northern Lights (Part 1)


tl;dr: Drupal Camp Northern Lights was even better than the actual Northern Lights.

This was the best Drupal event I have ever attended. So, even though it is two months late, it deserves a blog post.

95 very, very lucky people attended.

Instead of a camp t-shirt, the organizers gave us some memories we will always live with.

We had dinner at the Icelandic broadcasting corporation's offices. This was the view from the roof of RÚV.

Apologies to any real Drupal Vikings out there for this photo.

Here we are at the intercontinental divide between North America and Europe. North America is to the left and is, as you can see, by far the more impressive of the two tectonic plates.

We felt like true explorers.

More of this in part two.

Or you can skip to part three where the stuff about the Drupal camp actually is.

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