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New module: Image widget default image

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As part of a client project we recently had the requirement of displaying an image field's default image in the node add form, before the user had uploaded a picture. This seemed simple enough to implement but thinking about it I realized this was quite a generic feature request and that such a module might prove useful for others. Rather by accident I even noticed that itself employs the same feature on user profile pages.

Thus, I hereby present the Image widget default image module, which does just that: If you have provided a default image for an image field and the user has not yet uploaded an image for that field, it displays that default image as a preview. Not many bells or whistle, but it works. (I can claim that, because it comes with tests. ;-)) If it does not work for you or if you have any questions please leave a comment or open an issue on



Nice! Did you take a look at …

Nice! Did you take a look at's code to see how they are doing it?

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Nope …

No, I did not. But I assume that is actually using the core User picture functionality that Drupal core ships with instead of a custom image field (although I did not check). This module only works with image fields.